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CARTO Ambassadors

Inspire the CARTO community, become an Ambassador.


CARTO amplifies your talent

Ambassadors are CARTO super-users, talented visualization specialists and citizen cartographers, who map in the open with a purpose. They consistently build creative and captivating CARTO maps, and reap the benefits of some pretty cool program perks:

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    The Ambassador Account

    You get priority access to cutting edge, beta features of the platform.

    Extra storage, additional data layers, sync tables and extra features.

    To thank you for your commitment, you get an amazing welcome package with CARTO swag (including an awesome collector T-shirt!), once your submission is approved.

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    Your community, our support

    The events and workshops you organize will have priority for sponsorship.

    We will make sure you are able to attend conference level events in your area, by covering regional travel and event fees (pending review).

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    Maximum exposure

    We will link to your personal blog or website in our Ambassadors page, blog posts, and more.

    We will showcase your best work on our social media, blog, and events.

    You are invited to write or co-write on the CARTO blog.

Passionate and talented GIS professionals

We are proud of our carefully selected Ambassadors.

How to become an Ambassador

  • You are amongst the best CARTO and GIS specialists in your area.
  • You want to push the boundaries of the CARTO platform and bring it to new and uncharted territories.
  • You love bringing people together, exchange with your community, teaching and sharing your knowledge. You are active on social networks and/or on Github.

We are looking for passionate individuals: students, freelancers, small studios, or professionals experimenting with CARTO on their free time. Do you like the sound of everything above? Start by filling out the application form below and by providing us a quick video introduction (detailed instructions in the application form). We can’t wait to receive your answers!

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