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CartoDB is open by definition, so it’s about time we let you in on which one of the public maps you made is the most popular one at the moment. As you may be aware of, we at CartoDB love to challenge ourselves and experiment with different ideas that may end up leading to new endeavours. That’s what we do every Friday afternoon in our leapfrog sessions: team up to work on cool projects that aren’t part of our day-to-day tasks.

In one of this sessions a group of us came up with the idea of showing off the most-visited CartoDB map in an accessible and user-friendly way. That’s how the TrendMap idea was born and developed, and now we want to share it with everyone! If you’ve you ever wondered which CartoDB map is the most popular in real time, the TrendMap application is perfect for you.

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What this means is that you now have access to CartoDB’s most-viewed map in a single click. You’ll always be caught up on the latest news and with what’s trending, as the map updates every 20 minutes.

You can access CartoDB’s TrendMap as a free extension in the Chrome Web Store:

  • Click on “Extensions” below the search bar
  • Search for “TrendMap”
  • Add the extension to your Chrome browser
  • BOOM! Every time you open a new tab you’ll see the most-visited CartoDB map

Start actively promote your maps to see them as the most-viewed maps on TrendMap, boosting your visits at the same time. And no need to worry about your private datasets or maps—they won’t be displayed. Only your publicly available maps can be featured.

This extension is available for free because we <3 you.

Happy mapping!

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Eva Cabanach

Eva earned a degree in advertising and PR in Madrid. She then moved to London, where she received a diploma in digital marketing and spent four years working at multinational corporations. She became member of the CARTO team in 2015.
She enjoys reading, shopping, and finding the best spots to enjoy good food.

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