A visualization to raise awareness of maternal health

Doctors of the World is a healthcare and humanitarian aid charity working worldwide to provide solutions that improve health and save lives. Its Spanish branch is launching this week the campaign “The health virus”, an initiative to raise awareness of the global right to health focused on the maternal health challenge —every two minutes, a woman dies from complications related to pregnancy.

Digital creative agency Simbiotica, has developed a dynamic visualization of individual donations supporting global health initiatives. The whole campaign was created and directed by Yslandia. In a grid of red and blue points, the project displays the so-called “health virus”: How personal contributions can grow virally and promote high-impact, worldwide projects that save lives.

Here there’s a screenshot of the visualization, done with CartoDB. As you can see this is not really a classic map. In this project Simbiotica used CartoDB technology to create an interactive visualization with thousands of points in a canvas. Pretty different use of the technology so far.


This is a quick map we made on maternal health. It shows the number of women who died in 2010 during pregnancy and childbirth as a ratio per 100,000 live births.

Check the full map here. The original dataset is from the World Bank open data site. You can also download the refined data here.

It is great to see such a creative use of CartoDB for a story that matters. Congrats to Doctors of the World and Simbiotica for this initiative.

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