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The data in CartoDB maps are often better understood in the context of your own webpages and external sites. Up to now, this has been possible using the embed tool or using a little coding knowledge. However, as more and more users create visualizations of ‘biodiversity data’ or ‘real-time traffic information’ we feel it is time to go one step further. We are now providing a few templates that will help you go from CartoDB map to published webpage faster than ever before.

We have prepared two responsive design* templates for you to start using today. The first is designed to add editorial, rich, textual content to your maps. The template allows you tell a story with your CartoDB map. The second template moves the textual content to a panel on the right side of the map, adding emphasis to your visualization. Both templates come in a dark and a light theme.

These templates are now live, and you can download them on our developer page Download them, link to them, or fork them, and start designing your own.

In the coming months, we will be adding additional CartoDB publishing templates. Hopefully, you also come up with some of your own and share those with us; we would love to create a community template showcase.

And of course, we look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing your creativity at work!

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