• CartoDB <3 Open Data

    As more governments and businesses are adopting proactive open data policies and programs, the infrastructure of data publishing is becoming increasingly important. The time-honored tradition of publishing file-based machine-readable data on the web is still alive and well, but live, api-accessible databases can help when publishing data that is updated...

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  • Stacking Chips - Showing Many Points that Share the Same Location

    The NYPD recently made waves with an open data release, sharing fairly detailed crime data about the “seven major felonies” for the first 3 quarters of 2015. The dataset has a row for every incident, including location (as lat/lon), date/time, etc. However, as with many crime datasets, the point locations have been adjusted to mid-block or nearest intersection so that you can’t determine exactly where the reported crime occurred.

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  • CartoDB adds FIWARE Connector

    FIWARE is a public-private partnership launched by the European Union in 2014 to promote the development of smart cities apps based on open standards and open source code. By providing tools and components in areas such as data management, Internet of Things interoperability, and information security, the initiative seeks to...

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  • Geoprocessing with PostGIS - Part 1

    CartoDB is built on top of PostGIS, the powerful add-on that turns PostgreSQL into a spatial database. Many popular Geoprocessing functions in GIS software can be done with PostGIS queries, and this blog series will provide a one-for-one replication of the functions in QGIS’ Vector>Geoprocessing Tools menu. In QGIS, the...

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