• Get the best of your National Mapping Agency into CartoDB

    Note: This post has been written in collaboration with Antonio F. Rodríguez Pascual, Deputy Assistant Director of the Spanish Centre for Geographical Information. National Mapping Agencies are organizations with lots of data to offer to citizens and organizations like thematic data but also Reference Data (data used to georeference other...

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  • Displaying NBA Data with CartoDB

    When I saw this tweet from Jorge Arévalo I couldn’t resist. How to Track NBA Player Movements in Python http://t.co/sZQG48oGfQ— Jorge Arévalo (@jorgeas80) August 28, 2015 The blog post linked in Jorge’s tweet nicely explains how to process NBA statistics data in order to analyse it and generate some charts...

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  • Revisiting Cesium

    With the deprecation of Google Earth API and Earth Enterprise we receive a lot of questions about how CartoDB can be a viable alternative to provide a 3D environment for geographical information. On this post we share with you a new iteration after our first post. Publishing 3D geodata with...

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  • Geocamp ES: unconference in Seville

    This weekend almost 80 people gathered in a nice country house located in the middle of the park of El Alamillo in Seville at Geocamp ES to discuss open data, open source and geospatial information. Geocamp ES 2015 is the third edition of a conference series following the lead of...

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