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Connect Salesforce to CartoDB for a Birdseye View

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Every Sales Manager and CMO needs to understand how their marketing campaigns influence the bottom-line. Unfortunately, tracking the impact of a campaign is often easier said than done.

Birdseye, a seamless connector between Salesforce (the world’s leading CRM) and CartoDB, aims to help. Birdseye adds geographic context to your Salesforce data for a deeper understanding of what’s working and what isn’t.

Salesforce is an incredible tool for managing the sales process from lead to close, but understanding what activities impact the funnel can be more elusive.

“We kept hearing requests to help assess the effectiveness of sales outreach and marketing campaigns,” explains Patrick Yurgosky of Birdseye. “Birdseye allows us to easily bring that knowledge to Salesforce users by leveraging the incredible analytical capabilities of CartoDB.”

##Understand Where and Why

CartoDB brings your Salesforce data to life:

  • Flip through summaries of your data across many types of regions: census tract, zip code, county, state, arbitrary polygons, or within a specific drive-time
  • Understand your customer with overlays and analysis of normalized demographic data
  • Understand how your competition impacts your business
  • Help your team optimize their routes and outreach plans

##How Birdseye Works

Birdseye makes it easy to use the Salesforce data as a CartoDB table.

You can choose any Salesforce Object to visualize -standard or custom- and Birdseye respects your Salesforce security settings.

Birdseye creates a URL to your Salesforce data, allowing for easy and secure transfer to CartoDB. Add the URL to CartoDB as a data source, and Birdseye extracts the data in chunks, re-assembles it, and then pushes it to CartoDB. No data is stored on Birdseye’s servers and you can select different sync schedules for different Salesforce objects. Setup takes about 7 minutes.

Your tables are named and tracked according to the dataset and the time of import. And with our One-Click Mapping functionality, CartoDB will create recommended data visualizations for you to collapse the time from import
to insight.

##Context, Context, Context

We’re excited about Birdseye because it offers straightforward answers to so many ‘where’ questions. Before Birdseye, location-based Salesforce Apps were mostly limited to routing sales travel. By making it easy to see layers of Salesforce and other data on the same map, Birdseye lives up to its name.

“When you can see your sales clusters overlaid on top of other, related, information, you can learn a lot about what’s driving success at your organization,” explains Yurgosky. “By bringing together so much data and presenting it in a compelling way, it makes it easy to learn who you’re reaching, who you’re missing, and where to focus your resources.”

Birdseye is available now for $50/month per Salesforce user. To learn more, contact us today.

Happy data mapping!

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