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In the high-speed world of data journalism it’s always important to stay on top of the latest story. Being able to quickly and beautifully visualize information in creative ways is essential! That’s why our team here at CartoDB is committed to not only providing the go-to world-class journalism mapping tool, but we’re also cultivating a journalism mapping community with efforts such as training sessions, journalism conferences and events, and now, our bi-weekly CartoDB JournoNewsletter!

CartoDB’s JournoNewsletter is carefully crafted every other week and specifically tailored for journalists and newsrooms. Each issue will be chock-full of ready-to-use links to newsworthy maps, tools, and other journalism resources. Want to sign up? Just fill out the form below and you’ll be on your way to journalism mapping goodness!

Breaking News and CartoDB

As we mentioned before, it’s crucial for journalists to quickly and effectively make insightful and beautiful maps. With CartoDB, news team have the power to make fully interactive publish-ready maps in no time. With Satellite imagery basemaps built into CartoDB, telling compelling news-stories is easy! Take a look at this interactive map telling the story of how the convicts escaped:

For this map, we created our own data in CartoDB by using the built in add features button.

Stay tuned to CartoDB for more academy lessons, events, and journalism resources. Don’t forget to sign up for the JournoNewsletter for more up to date journalism maps and resources. Enjoy, and as always…

Happy data mapping!

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