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Bushwick Happy Hour

CartoDB happily moved to Bushwick from Williamsburg last September. Our office is in the middle of the industrial zone, with vast spaces around and graffiti art on the walls, and has ample room for up to 120 people where we love to host events, as well as the outdoor space in the summertime.

However, we also recognize that our tech community is a significant force in the development of the neighborhoods, including Bushwick. As more startups are relocating here together with their employees, we felt it was important to bind together the businesses that were already in the area to the ones that were arriving. We want to build a network of organizations, community members, universities, government, other startups in order not to go against the flow of the neighborhood life, but to become an integral part of it.

As a tech workForce, CartoDB would like to set a positive example, bridge the gap between us and the neighborhoods – by giving before getting and connecting to local organizations, providing services and mentoring opportunities.

That is the principle we would like to start building a community of organizations, first, in Bushwick, then extending to connect with other parts of Brooklyn. We would like to represent Brooklyn’s Tech Force – only one eager participant of many actors of the local neighborhoods’ life.

Bushwick Happy Hour

You can support our effort of building the Brooklyn tech workForce by becoming a part of the neighborhood events. At our location on Moore Street, we recently hosted the first of a series of informal happy hours to start tightening the community and serving as a connector. It was a terrific event, attracting more than 50 local tech/startup/businesses, New York City leaders and some of our fellow mappers. We made a few new friends and showed off an in-progress map of the community as we have found it.

As we build the next events for the Bushwick community and Brooklyn-at-large, we will be reaching out to our readers to participate. If you want to be informed about CartoDB Brooklyn/Bushwick events, drop us a line [here] and we will keep you informed.

Take a look at our map!

We hope to see you at the next one!

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