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Carlos Tallon joins CartoDB

Carlos Tallon

We’re excited to announce that Carlos Tallón is joining CartoDB. Carlos was previously lead designer at He has excelent taste in design and aesthetics and awesome iconography skills. Carlos will be helping our community grow and make the CartoDB Editor even simpler to use.

Carlos is from Aspe, a small minicipality in the eastern part of Spain and which has nothing to do with Aspen, Colorado. Although he works remotely from there, he enjoys visiting the Madrid Office and beating people at ping-pong.

As a plus, Carlos usually brings cakes and chocolate directly from the ovens of his family’s bakery.

Design has been always part of our DNA, so we are thrilled about this new addition to our team.

Welcome, Carlos!

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In 2009, Sergio co-founded Vizzuality, a company dedicated to visualization, analysis, and cloud-based services for large amounts of data, with offices in Madrid and New York.

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