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Empowering the Democratic Process through Location Intelligence

The power of the people starts at the hyper-local level and technology is driving new expectations on how media and campaigns view citizen participation. In today’s political climate, citizen engagement is more influential than ever and much of the interaction is taking place in the digital world. Our friend and partner, Alteryx a leader in self-service data analytics, developed a solution with CARTO to visualize data, down to the neighborhood-level, to help predict behaviors and focus campaigns.

The Decision 2016 Presidential Election application, which incorporates SurveyMonkey’s election tracking data and other data sources like the American Community Survey, can forecast the U.S. presidential election at the local level with the ability to segment further while considering demographics including age, education, income, and race.

The application, which uses our CARTO.js library to create dynamic maps updated based on user input, allows for a unique drill-down to the the census tract analysis of presidential preference. The tens of thousands of records from SurveyMonkey are combined with other data to develop a uniquely-focused, proprietary model designed to accurately forecast electoral preferences at the very granular Census Block Group level for the 2016 U.S. presidential election. With over 74,000 census tract possibilities, Alteryx was able to create an application that creates custom maps to visualize all of those possibilities.

Alteryx election app workflow

When combined with location intelligence, political parties can create incredibly robust profiles to identify and serve more relevant messaging to likely supporters. All of this enables political parties to construct real-time voter profiles at scale, creating efficiency while moving them closer to their ultimate goal: getting people to the polls. In fact, on Election Day, supporters can be re-targeted with messaging showing the nearest voting locations, hopefully giving them the motivation to get out there and vote. Win or lose, each party is gaining valuable insights that are applicable to future success.

Put CARTO technology at the heart of your successful elections and campaigns. In a rapidly changing world, take advantage of modern maps to effectively serve the public and meet expectations. From operations and public outreach to redistricting and campaigning, location intelligence can empower your organization to create and deploy useful geospatial applications to navigate this election season. Visualize relationships, patterns, and trends to deeply understand your constituency and electoral process.

  • As technology partners, CARTO and Alteryx have teamed up to provide an engaging, intuitive experience for visually analyzing and interacting with Alteryx workflow outputs on a beautiful, dynamic CARTO map. Learn more about CARTO’s Alteryx Connector and how to maximize analysis and extract the most from location intelligence.

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