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Sneak peek: CARTO for Alteryx!

We previously announced that CARTO will be a platinum sponsor at the Alteryx Inspire conference happening in San Diego from June 6-9th. As we approach our joint workshop with Alteryx and Boston Consulting Group, we wanted to give you a sneak peek into using CARTO with Alteryx!

The CARTO connector for Alteryx makes it easy to push Alteryx outputs directly to CARTO and then create beautifully dynamic maps. With the CARTO connector you can easily run multiple Alteryx workflows and update a CARTO dashboard in real time to visually analyse the results.


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Adjust attributes on the fly, select locations and see the computational output adjust to match your data. The video below shows selecting or zooming in on a trade area where you can gain insights into how much revenue is at stake with low/high risk customers that might move over to a competitor. The world of business data analysis is open!

We hope you’ll join us at Inspire 2016 for our hands on workshop—Drop us a note if you want to hear more.

Happy data mapping and see you in San Diego!

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