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Introducing CARTO’s New and Improved Grants Program

CARTO Grants Program

CARTO is happy to announce the re-launch of our robust Grants Program! The CARTO Grants Program funds organizations seeking the means to create meaningful data-driven visualizations that facilitate efforts to achieve social progress, environmental protection, technological innovation, data science, and economic growth.

If applying geospatial analysis via data-driven visualizations will benefit your cause, we want to help! Discover how your organization can benefit from CARTO’s Grants Program.

Grants for Good: What We Fund

Receive a CARTO Personal Plan to improve your project with deeper analysis and valuable insight.

Who can apply?

Non-profits working for social and political change or organizations addressing humanitarian emergencies.

Real change happens when individuals and teams are equipped with the tools and resources necessary to organize around a cause. Humanitarian efforts need to be able to research and analyze the intricacies and complexities of situations and effectively communicate them with the rest of the world. CARTO does not want a non-profit’s monetary capacity to hold them back from achieving their full potential. That’s why we offer our infrastructure, technical support, webinars, evaluations, and consultation calls, for free, to carefully selected organizations.

Grants for organizations working to protect our planet!

CARTO grants for environmental protection and research is looking to fund tools built to help communities, companies, and citizens adapt to the changes caused by climate change. CartoDB has roots in environmental science, and our commitment to contributing to efforts to protect our planet is unwavering. We are looking for projects building mobile or web-applications, data visualizations, and data collection tools that address topics such as flooding, drought, land conservation and preservation, sustainable agriculture, heat waves, deforestation, poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking, and more. We are looking for applications that have a clear goal, clear data to support that goal, limited funding and a clear geospatial requirement or mapping need. Whether you work in environmental education, awareness, sustainable rural development, or environmental research and innovation, we want to support you.

Grants for sustainable economic growth and innovation!

Start mapping and capitalizing on our geospatial analysis technology to make better decisions, help grow your business, and stimulate the global economy through innovation and technology! CARTO brings design and interaction to the forefront of every project because online communication starts with the very first look. We want to give free resources to thought leading companies around the world. If you are working at an early stage startup, or you are a trail blazing, innovative company that could benefit from beautiful maps or an amazing geospatial backend, let’s talk!

Grants for open data explorers!

Explore the infinite potential and new dimensions of open data, and map it!

In the name of supporting the development of open-source solutions and promoting the use of statistical data, CARTO is offering grants to organizations and companies who are dedicated to the creation and use of open source data to create a more informed citizenry and to address the issues most important to communities. We value the work that is being done to improving data and metadata accessibility and overall quality in support of research, policy making, and transparency, in the fields of economics, finance, healthcare, education, labor, social science, technology, agriculture, development, and the environment.

We are looking to fund all those who are dedicated to discovering new data and new ways to share already existing data, increasing public access to data, finding new forms of creating and sharing open data sets, collaborating with other open data movements and efforts around the world.

Interested in applying?

Check out some important information, additional support, and valuable resources:

Qualified organizations and companies include those with limited funding and capacity, and are unable to pay the discounted price of a CARTO account for nonprofits. We don’t want limited monetary capacity to deter good maps from being made by dedicated organizations. However, medium to large sized NGOs, as well as established startups do not qualify for our Grants program.

Additionally, an essential component of our grants package is CartoDB’s guaranteed institutional and technical support, which ensures that organizations produce successful data visualization projects that serve as compelling communication tools and facilitate deeper, more meaningful analysis.

If you are you new to CARTO or not the most tech-savvy mapper in the world, don’t worry! We offer bi-monthly webinars offered specifically for Grantees. We want your project to be as successful as possible and we are happy to provide technical support to troubleshoot any problems you may run into. CARTO also has a ton of helpful documentation and learning modules on our Map Academy. Please check these out first and get up to speed on the must-know features, tools, and skills needed to build a successful, powerful and beautiful CARTO map! To get your creative juices flowing, take a look at some of the amazing maps being made with CARTO in our Gallery.

Start your analysis project today, apply by sending the form to tyler@carto.com and happy data mapping!

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