CartoDB makes it easy to add the perfect basemap to your data visualization

Basemaps tailored to data visualization

For the past two years the CartoDB team has focused largely on bringing you a powerful service for creating interactive data visualizations and projects built around dynamic and responsive data. It means we haven’t done a whole lot in the realm of basemaps. In fact, we haven’t really needed to since high quality basemaps keep coming from other groups such as MapBox and Stamen.

Recently though, we thought it would be helpful for CartoDB users to have basemaps available that were designed to display behind other data visualization. Last week we rolled out three new basemaps in every user’s account, CartoDB Light, CartoDB Dark, and CartoDB Flat Blue. You can start using these maps right away with any account.

Flat Blue



Better basemap support from anywhere on the web

In addition to adding some simple basemaps for your data visualization projects, we also rolled out some improvements to the CartoDB user-interface simplify the process of adding your own basemaps. Now, using the CartoDB interface, you can easily add MapBox, XYZ, or WMS tiles by just dropping in a URL. To show you how easy it is, we tossed together this short video tutorial.

Have fun mapping!

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