CartoDB maps recognized in FOSS4G Opening up the Map

Last week was the international FOSS4G meeting, one of our favorite conferences of the year. We told you a few weeks ago about some of the things we would be presenting at the meeting. Something we forgot to mention was that this year they did something completely new called, “Opening Up The Map”. In short, it was a community generated gallery of some of the best maps coming from the open source community.

To our surprise and excitement, a few CartoDB maps won some of the categories, including Best in Show! Two winning maps, NYCHenge and PLUTO is Free! have been written about on our blog before. Together they won Best in Show, Best Data Integration, and Most Unique Map, all categories we couldn’t be more honored to be recognized for.

We can’t say thanks enough to the judges and to all those in the community that took the time to play with and enjoy our maps. If you thought that 2013 was a good year for maps, we can’t wait to show you some of the things on the CartoDB roadmap for the next year! Thanks to everyone at FOSS4G and as always, say hi to us on Twitter.

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