A selection of CartoDB maps and visualizations

Our periodic selection of recent CartoDB maps spotted in the wild.

Los Angeles Times: California pollution risks

Los Angeles Times has created another and more complete version of their pollution map, with data from the California Environmental Protection Agency. The scores are derived from 19 types of environmental, health and socioeconomic data.

Keeping up with the carnivores

Laura Allen has writen a very complete piece about how carnivores are coming back into cities and suburbs more than they ever have before. And she has mapped if, of course.

Swiss health insurance premium

The Swiss French-language daily newspaper, Le Temps, created [two maps] that allow you to explore the amount of premiums per insured township by category (adult, young adult and children) and their evolution compared to 2014.

Odyssey.js map: #HeForShe

HeForShe is the new gender equality campaign launched the past week by UN Women during a speech by Emma Watson (UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador). On the Odyssey.js map above, made by Portland Communications , it is possible to see how the campaign’s hashtag has quickly spread and how social media has the amazing power to reach audiences across the globe in the blink of an eye.

Ebola in Liberia

The Ebola epidemic quickly spread around Liberia taking the lives of hundreds of people. This map, a project commissioned by Liberia’s Ministry of Information and Communication, seeks to provide a central location for the latest data about the disease. Take a look of the whole project.

Pratt Institute’s campus sculpture garden

Jonathan Levy did a great job creating an interactive story map about a walk he did through Pratt Institute’s sculpture garden.

Feeding the World

This story map, created by [Niki de Sy] and Sidney Gijzen, put a spotlight on the crucial but often overlooked role forested landscapes play in food security and nutrition.

Ferguson When And Where: An Audio Map

On this Odyssey.js, St Louis Public radio recaps the events that have taken place since the shooting of Michael Brown on Aug. 9 by Ferguson Police. The best thing about this map is that they were able to insert sounds to make the story more interactive and informative.

Twitter map: Falcao joins Manchester United

At the beginning of this month, Manchester United signed Colombia striker Radamel Falcao. This map shows, making use of our Twitter Maps service, how people reacted to the news on Twitter.

These are just a few examples of what you can build on CartoDB. If you want to do the same, create a free account and start creating your own stories. Have you already created a map using CartoDB? Share it with us on Twitter.

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