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CartoDB loves Qlik: Get to the heart of your data-driven decisions with CartoDB for Qlik

Qlik Sense users no longer have to rely on just the classic way of visualizing important decisions. Now in addition to graphs, pie charts, and other visual analytics, Qlik Sense users can use CartoDB’s slick Torque animated maps as well as additional visualization renderings. [CartoDB for Qlik] enables the creation of data-driven maps to visualize location data within the Qlik Sense Dashboard, which is personalized to maximize analytics to get the most impact and insights from your data.

The CartoDB for Qlik app lets you animate your temporal location data directly on an interactive map and understand how your data has grown, moved, or changed over time and space. Using CartoDB’s Torque technology bring data to life by incorporating spatio-temporal analysis and the power of animated maps. Torque maps are perfect for extracting insights from the location data you have in Qlik allowing you to get to the bottom of your most important decisions.

The Torque library lets you render big, timeseries, heatmaps, or categorical data. This is useful for many modern applications that need more than just a static map. Torque has been used to visualize human movement, Twitter activity, biodiversity data, and many more large-scale datasets.

"At Qlik, we are very excited to welcome CartoDB to our Tech Partner ecosystem. With their new extension, 'CartoDB for Qlik’, Qlik customers will be able to take their geospatial analytics to the next level and leverage CartoDB’s industry expertise. CartoDB empowers Qlik customers to address a number of different use cases including the development of geospatial heat maps, plotting multiple series on a map, and the solutions to see data movement over time. Now, Qlik users will be able to incorporate in their applications CartoDB geospatial visualizations easily by using CartoDB’s extension." Michael Foster, Vice President, Strategic Partners.

CartoDB can handle millions of records (translation: an ENORMOUS amount of data) and that data can be filtered directly on the visualization and on related charts and graphs. CartoDB’s data-driven maps leverage the impact of your insights while giving your data more oomph. Our unique styling capabilities allow for multiple visualization features like:

  • Torque Maps: Animate your Qlik time-stamped location data directly on an interactive map and understand how your data has grown, changed, and evolved over time and in different locations
  • Heat Maps: Visualize your data to highlight areas of high activity similar to a static map. You can also animate your heat map with temporal data
  • Category Maps: Assign color variants to your data in the visualization and see trends based on multiple segments of information

CartoDB for Qlik is just the first step to running a much deeper geospatial analysis with optimized visualizations. Become a CartoDB member in the process, add your data to CartoDB, and experiment with our full geospatial analysis and visualization capabilities. Once your data lives in CartoDB, you can embed any CartoDB map back into Qlik with our seamless Qlik extension.

Downloading CartoDB for Qlik is quick and easy — Simply go to the [Qlik branch]website, register with your Qlik credentials, search for [‘CartoDB for Qlik’], and hit ‘download’. Alternatively you can find CartoDB for Qlik within [QlikMarket]. CartoDB for Qlik is available as a free download.

Join a community of developers, cartographers, journalists, and data scientists. Get to the insights that really matter in your data and start making data-driven decisions through CartoDB for Qlik!

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