• Workshops, Webinars, and Hackathons

    CartoDB is constantly engaging with and supporting our community of mappers, developers, open data champions, development practitioners, students, educators, journalists, and innovative companies. We offer workshops and webinars to organizations, companies, and groups who want to learn how to harness the power of data by mastering our mapping platform.

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  • Grants for Open Data Pioneers and Innovative Companies

    At CartoDB we are fierce champions for open data! That is why our Grants for Good Program is supporting organizations and volunteers who advocate for more access to open data using innovative technology and crowdsourcing techniques. CartoDB work with stakeholders who are using open data and maps for research, business...

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  • Grants for Good: Meet Our Newest Grantees

    Since the launch of our new Grants for Good Program we have awarded a number of non-profit and environmental organizations with CartoDB Grants. It is with great pleasure that we introduce some of the work being done by social and environmental organizations who make use of CartoDB through the Grants...

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  • Introducing CARTO’s New and Improved Grants Program

    CARTO is happy to announce the re-launch of our robust Grants Program! The CARTO Grants Program funds organizations seeking the means to create meaningful data-driven visualizations that facilitate efforts to achieve social progress, environmental protection, technological innovation, data science, and economic growth. If applying geospatial analysis via data-driven visualizations will...

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  • CartoDB at the Startup Institute NYC!

    Building a startup is both difficult and rewarding work. It requires a team of dedicated and passionate people, with the tools and skills to face challenges head on, and re-imagine the possibilities of successful innovation. Being a product of these experiences, our team at CartoDB was proud to partner with The Startup Institute New York to elevate and educate new communities of innovators!

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  • Introducing CartoDB Startup Grants

    Like many of you know, building a startup is hard work. The CartoDB team is a product of this energy. Growing from a group of programmer friends with a desire to build technology for better communication–and to ultimately change the world–has taught us about what it takes to be successful innovators. Step one, obviously, is to believe in your mission. Step two is to make others believe.

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