• Discover the Power of Location for Business Intelligence

    Our very concept of place is shifting as digital information layers and enriches the physical world. The streams of digital data generated by our daily lives tell stories and offer rich context and insights. Location intelligence offers views into our environment that has become encoded with new meaning and messages....

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  • Smart Cities Evolution: Citizens Take the Lead

    What are smart cities? A catchy phrase or a real movement for change, or something in-between? It is true that the challenges facing cities are real: aging infrastructure, rapid development, climate change, and populations growing at unprecedented rates. To keep pace, future cities must be more agile and inclusive. City...

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  • CartoDB a Solution for the Classroom

    As summer turns to fall, BBQ and lemonade gives way to packed lunches and cafeteria delights. But back-to-school stays cool with CartoDB’s Education Whitepaper. Ready to elevate your classroom lectures and group projects, CartoDB’s Education Whitepaper provides solutions for map-based data visualization, analysis, and storytelling - with no coding skills...

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  • Take a Risk the Right Way with CartoDB's Financial Risk Whitepaper Assessment

    One of the biggest challenges of the 2008 global financial crisis was the inability for financial institutions to handle risk management in a rapidly changing demographic. For businesses to progress post-crisis, re-imagining business intelligence and bringing their companies up-to-date with new technology became an imperative. CartoDB’s financial risk analysis has...

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  • Whitepaper: Dynamic High Performance Web Mapping

    Serving up dynamic web maps that render live and changing data can be challenging enough, but what about when those maps are also under extreme load as millions of users access them? With our partner AppGeo we discuss how we solved that problem, for one of their customers, and for all our users, all the time.

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