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Using Builder for Creating Data-driven Polygon Maps

In the same way you can create data-driven maps by changing the size of the points in your data, you can also change the color of your polygons or points/lines.

Following the UX patterns we explained in the last blog post, you will notice that creating a Choropleth map –a map where you change the color of your geospatial features depending on a value– is just as easy as with the old Editor. You just need to have a numeric column in your data, so you can use the values contained in it to change the color of your features. To do so,

  • Click on the Layer name
  • Click on the Style tab
  • Click on the Polygon color
  • Click on BY VALUE
  • Select your desired column

If you want to customize your map further, change the quantification method for your ramp in the same component.

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To learn more about how this works behind the scenes check out the CartoCSS panel and TurboCarto repo.

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