Edit feature properties directly from the map.

editing austria feature box directly on map


This is one of those features that has come directly from requests of our users. At CartoDB, we love your feedback and we love working to make your requests come to life.

One of the most powerful capabilities that CartoDB delivers is the ability to clean or create new geospatial datasets from scratch using the Map View. Sometimes you find a feature in an incorrect location, or maybe you use CartoCSS to style your features and find something obviously wrong; in these cases, it would be great to update data directly in the map. Now you can do it.

With the new feature editing modal window you are able to edit the properties of your data directly on the map. You only need to click on the feature you want to edit and then click the editing icon on the left-hand side.

This will open a modal window where you can update or add new content for any cell. After you change the fields you want, simply click Save and close and your data is written back to the table.

Click save and close to save your changes - CartoDB

This makes the map view a great data editing interface and we hope this improve your experience working with data on CartoDB.

As always, we would love to know what do you think about this and keep sending us your feature requests!


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