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CartoDB adds FIWARE Connector

FIWARE is a public-private partnership launched by the European Union in 2014 to promote the development of smart cities apps based on open standards and open source code. By providing tools and components in areas such as data management, Internet of Things interoperability, and information security, the initiative seeks to provide simple, standards-based interconnectivity between apps across any vertical.

The FIWARE Development team at Telefónica has recently built a connector for CartoDB. The python script parses data from a FIWARE “Context Broker” (a service which allows for easy publishing of/subscribing to frequently updated data). By leveraging CartoDB’s SQL API, the connector updates rows in a CartoDB table with the latest data from the context broker, keeping the map’s underlying data as fresh as possible.

FiWare Internet of Things Diagram

Architecture Diagram of a FiWare "Context Broker" publishing sensor data

The FIWARE to CartoDB connector is now listed on CartoDB’s booming external libraries list. Take a look to see how other platforms and companies are leveraging the power of CartoDB’s APIs to bring their data to life as maps.

Happy Mapping!

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