GeoJourNews: To the Presses!


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GeoJourNews: To the Presses!

A short week after our conference celebrating news and maps and a short month away from State of the Map we wanted to write and wrap up some of the awesome of GeoJourNews. On May 15th (that is 5/15/15 the best of palindrome days!) we convened over 150 geographers researchers and mappers to give keynotes and lightning talks on the topic of news maps. We featured 16 speakers from a few countries and a varied program of newsrooms attracting the communities of our planning partners at Parson's Journalism + Design program and Knight Mozilla Open News. We learned mapped and built together a program of impressive talks and projects! Read on to learn more!

Relive the Magic!

Now that we've had a chance to process some of the footage and solicit speaker slides we'll be posting those so you can revisit the conference chapter by chapter. Check the schedule here to learn about the names and affiliations of all our featured speakers and follow along on this blog as we incrementally post the remastered recordings and slides as shared with us :). Meanwhile check out this Storify summary of the social conversation surrounding the conference!

welcome to geojournews

Daytime Talks

get more slides here

Evening Talks

Miguel Peixe on InfoAmazonia

Check out our pre-event blog post for more information on the above speakers too!

May 16th marked the day of our followup MapHack where a small crew of hackers designers and journalists came together for a half-day of learning building and debugging maps. We had Coders for America working on civic tech projects journalists collaborating on beach mapping and eco hacks coders working on some slick experiments in SQL and someone launched a pun twitter @CartoCSSPuns. Don't miss our next event so you can share in the wonders of collab mapping with our community!

Make it personable!

Become a GeoNewsie!

Are you a journalist crafting investigative pieces supported by swell maps? We want to hear from you and help. Email Aurelia on the Community Team to score some account upgrades hear about our special account offer with IRE and how you can apply for a speakers slot at next year's GeoJournews!

Ben Wellinton Venn Diagram

To that end we recognize that though we tried our best to solicit the perfect speaker set there's always room for geographic and experiential diversity among conference speakers if you have someone in mind that we should reach out to for the next round or otherwise want to leave us feedback on your experience in attending please fill out this [super-duper-short survey].

Attend More Events!

In followup we want you to know about some related events in the coming months that promise to satiate your summer mapping fancy with solid talks and great opportunities to network learn and share.

  • State of the Map: the best conference for Open Street Map enthusiasts and contributors hosts in NYC at the United Nations this year. Check it out June 6-8th in New York.
  • SRCCON: the best conference for data newsies journalists freelancers and provocative thinkers who want to make newsrooms and news production better stronger faster than before. Check it out June 25-26th in Minneapolis.
  • Hacking Journalism: a great opportunity to meet and make with other geonewsies! Check it out July 11-12 Washington D.C..

Stay tuned for more info on our video captures and our push toward State of the Map! See you soon and happy mapping!