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Business Intelligence

Rilos, a business-to-business consulting firm that provides solutions and site-location reports to real estate developers, commercial real estate consultants,
and retail data analysts, leverages location intelligence to provide innovative
and impactful insights for their industry!

Rilos created Geomatrix, an online customer-centric solution, dedicated to quickly producing user-friendly analytical reports directly for employees and clients, bypassing the need for GIS and other specialists. The Geomatrix app aggregates big data, technologies, and algorithms in a single online platform to generate site studies. With Geomatrix delivering analysis directly to clients, Rilos was able to focus on the creation of new custom content.

Now, you can discover how to free up your time and provide a complete customer solution for your business.

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With Geomatrix, subscribers can audit the commercial environment of their existing point of sales portfolio, compare this data with operational results, and process a correlation analysis to determine which external parameters are impacting point of sales turnover.

Rilos also uses CARTO for [internal workflow improvement] and to see the
[impact of its business]!

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