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Business Insights at your Fingertips with Geomatrix

CartoDB for BI and Analitics

Businesses and real estate agencies can save time and money by adding spatial analytics to their intelligence systems. Location analysis can provide insights that support and improve decision making from marketing to supply chain logistics and operations. Rilos, an international business-to-business company, fused business intelligence and geographic analysis to discover powerful new insights. Now that’s location intelligence.

Using CartoDB’s location and data analysis driven platform, Rilos created Geomatrix, an online customer-centric solution, dedicated to quickly producing user-friendly analytical reports directly for employees and clients, bypassing the need for GIS and other specialists.

The [Geomatrix app] aggregates big data, technologies, and algorithms in a single online platform to generate site studies. With Geomatrix delivering analysis directly to clients, Rilos was able to focus on the creation of new custom content. Geomatrix subscribers can audit the commercial environment of their existing point of sales portfolio, compare this data with operational results, and process a correlation analysis to determine which external parameters are impacting point of sales turnover.

Geomatrix proves that CartoDB's location intelligence leads to business insights
and gives clients a competitive advantage.

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Rilos selected CartoDB to help develop Geomatrix after several months of testing many different platforms. By choosing CartoDB, Rilos was able to get Geomatrix up and running quickly, receive custom technical support and regular additions of new functions and modules.

CartoDB’s location intelligence enriches business intelligence with deep insights from geographical and customer data. To learn more about how CartoDB helped Rilos harness the power of location intelligence, download our case study and see how you can start putting business intelligence to work for you.

We really hope to see more successful user experiences like this one!

Happy data mapping!

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