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GKudos goes from GIS to Location Intelligence

Every day large volumes of location data are generated by social networks, remote sensing, and mobile devices. For quite some time, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has been used as the standard tool to manage and analyze this type of geo-referenced data. However, GIS tools have always been oriented towards professionals in geomatics than to the general public, creating a barrier to real insights and data analysis.

It wasn’t until recently that a technology, accessible to all, to analyze, filter, and drill-down hundreds of millions of data points, came along to change the way organizations and individuals derived insights from location-based data. CartoDB’s Deep Insights is a comprehensive all-in-one solution for analysis that interacts with location data to extract information, which lead companies and organizations to optimize their decision making process. With this technology, organizations and individuals can explore data in real time through a customizable dashboard equipped with widgets for intelligent analysis.

GKudos, a geospatial web solutions company, is our first partner to use our dashboard. Now, GKudos can reach a new level of analysis and visualization of real estate and business data like never before.

Thanks to this analysis that Deep Insights provides, it is possible to determine patterns, visually, regarding aspects such as areas with higher activity for sale, rental properties, trends by year, type of property, and characteristics of
the property.

To show the potential and how powerful Deep Insights is, we have created
an application that allows the interactive analysis of real estate information throughout Colombia, especially in big cities like Bogota, Medellín, and
Cali. — Juan Carlos, CTO at GKudos.

It is no surprise that location information is becoming an important factor in decision making used by influential people in all organizations across all industries. It is becoming more and more evident that to really exploit the potential of location data, as a whole, a new concept is needed that can go beyond the traditional elements offered by classic GIS tools.

One of the key differentiators to Deep Insights is its ability, as an inclusive platform, to harness the power of location intelligence - moving away from
classic and standard operations to a next generation technology for analysis.
Location intelligence’s goal is to facilitate the identification and analysis of relationships of business information, regarding place and time, and emphasize new ways that people outside the world of geomatics can access that information.

To fully understand how location intelligence can benefit your organization read our white paper and start harnessing the power of your location data to derive impactfaul, meaningful, deeper insights.

Happy data mapping!

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Eva earned a degree in advertising and PR in Madrid. She then moved to London, where she received a diploma in digital marketing and spent four years working at multinational corporations. She became member of the CARTO team in 2015.
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