Indexed nearest neighbour search coming to CartoDB

Take a sneak peek at some upcoming functionality to CartoDB: Indexed nearest neighbour search. Thanks to CartoDB investment in PostGIS 2.0, you can now find the nearest N things to anywhere on the planet at ultra fast speed!

This new functionality lets you run classic user friendly queries like “where are the 10 nearest sushi restaurants to me?”, or, “how close are the nearest 10 sightings of Puma Concolor to me?” ;)

In this demo, you can see how simple interacting with this new functionality though CartoDB is, and get a feel for the sorts user friendly queries you can run against your own data. This functionality will be rolling out to all our users over the next few weeks - so stay tuned!

Finally, we’re really proud to invest in the PostGIS project. Thanks go out especially to Paul, Oleg and Teodor for helping implement this new functionality!

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