Mapping elections data on the go

map of elections in andalucia


Last Sunday there were local elections in two regions in Spain, Andalucía and Asturias. We took the official data from the biggest one, which took place in Andalucía (Southern Spain), and we made a map on the go with CartoDB.

Some context: Andalucía is Spain’s most populous region with almost 6,5 million registered voters. The Popular Party won 50 of the 109 seats in the regional assembly, against 47 seats for the Socialist Party, according to official results.

The map shows results in all cities. Places where the Popular Party won are in blue; Socialist Party cities are in red. In green, United Left (a left-wing party).

We are working closely with several media organization and journalists to fill their needs in data journalism and visualization. With CartoDB you can make this kind of work in a few steps. We’ll keep you updated.

You can download or fork the code from Vizzuality’s Github account.

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