Mapping the world - Ongoing demonstrations in Brazil


For almost a month now there have been protests and riots throughout Brazil. They began in early June, in response to fare increases for public transit, and the demonstrations and riots have only grown from there. To monitor and report those events, Gustavo Miller and the Infographics Design Team at G1 began accumulating the data about each of these events and publishing them on a map and webpage (the following quotes are from Gustavo).

“We started to produce this piece during the same day that the riots became more violent and more participatory (on June 20, more than 1.4 million people from over 100 cities have participated).”

map of demonstrations in brazil


What is really interesting is that Gustavo is working with numerous regional offices around the country to try and stay on top of the events and keep the data up-to-date on his maps. We are really proud to see CartoDB being used in such a service. This ability to update datasets and have them reflected immediately in your published maps is exactly one of the challenges we hoped to solve with CartoDB.

“G1 has almost 50 regional newsrooms across the country and most of them are covering the riots in real-time. I have almost 30 tabs continuously open on my browser to track the riots, that’s how I update the map nearly in real time.”

We first got wind of this map through our usage logs. The G1 maps have already accumulated nearly 2,000,000 map views, and that is for only about a week’s worth of readers. Very impressive!

“It’s hard work and I’m spending more than 8 hours per day working on that – which is nothing when I see the amazing feedback that we’re receiving from our readers (especially on Twitter).”

It is really great to see hard work being rewarded. We have had a number of other really successful maps from CartoDB users this month. Our friends over at eRepublik and The Cosmonaute are still creating loads of traffic, but there are others out there too. Since this time last year, we have seen a 450% increase in the number of datasets our users are editing in a month. That is amazing, what are you all creating? We can’t possibly keep tabs on it all, but we do know that your maps are getting more popular. In only the last six months, we have seen a 500% increase in total map views on CartoDB! To handle it, we are serving over a billion map tiles, whew! If you have a particularly interesting map or just a map you think needs to be shared, let us know, we’d love to highlight the things you are creating.

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