New privacy features for visualizations

We are happy to announce two exciting new privacy features in CartoDB: visualizations of private tables and password protected visualizations. These two features have been under development for some time now and we know a lot of your have been waiting to use them. Today, you can! This release also brings along a handful of improvements, including full screen buttons on embedded and shared maps, and an improved color picker. Now, to the privacy features.

Visualizations of private data

A number of our users have datasets they would prefer not make fully public but still want to use those datasets to create beautiful and interactive maps. Up today, this was only possible using a proxy and some complicated authentication steps. Now, it is as simple as creating any visualization. You can create and design visualizations from private tables, including infowindows and legends. It is then possible to share the link to those visualizations. Visitors will be able to see the map and interact with the data, but there is no way for them to download the complete dataset like you can with public tables.

Password protected visualizations

This feature is in response to many user requests asking for the ability to share visualizations in a protected way to only a small set of collaborators. We know this is important, especially for journalists and other users that want to iterate through visualizations without any possibility of it becoming public before intended. You can create a different password for each visualization you have and you can change and remove those passwords at any time.

Maps of private data and password protected maps are available in all Coronelli accounts and larger.

While the detail are easy to keep brief, we know that these two features are going to make a lot of your workflows much simpler.

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