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On May 13, 2015 from 10 a.m. - 11 a.m., CartoDB will participate and host a session of NewCo at the CartoDB Brooklyn Office - 143 Roebling Street, 2A. Chief Science Officer Andrew Hill will present on the mastery of visualization and location and how emerging geo-technology platforms and tools are changing the way we see and understand the world around us.

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One thing we definitely understand at CartoDB is the capacity of maps to bridge communities and report on current and past trends. Maps as a narrative tool reshape our understanding of our surroundings, both physically and virtually. In addition to chronicling the beautiful and exciting power of maps, Andrew will showcase how mapping technology is changing and enhancing storytelling. Participants are invited to explore how CartoDB is building a culture and community of innovation that is focused on location, histories, and visualization.

All participants are invited to make maps of their own and apply for “CartoDB Start-Up Grants,” which fund emerging companies and working citizens who build digital tools for social good.

Our partnership with NewCo highlights the sleek ingenuity of the tech industry. NewCo’s conference model allows attendees to get an opportunity to take an inside look at some of the most innovative and smart companies of our generation. Companies open their doors and invite the community to their offices for one-hour informational sessions. Attendees participate in a diverse experience of behind-the-scene tours of cutting edge work environments to founders sharing candid insights into their own entrepreneurial journey.

A Q&A session will follow. Light refreshments and nourishment will be provided.

For tickets and more info go here!

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Eva earned a degree in advertising and PR in Madrid. She then moved to London, where she received a diploma in digital marketing and spent four years working at multinational corporations. She became member of the CARTO team in 2015.
She enjoys reading, shopping, and finding the best spots to enjoy good food.

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