Over recent years, mapping services have been busy counting and charging for map views. We believe that charging for map views is actually penalizing users for doing great things with their work. In order to change the trend, we are going to take a different tack, and promote the usage of maps, not discourage them. That is why we are no longer charging for map views. Yep, you read that right: free and unlimited map views for all CartoDB accounts. CartoDB exists so that you can make the most useful and inspiring visualizations on the web, so we figured it’s best that we stay out of your way.

Yep, you read that right: free and unlimited map views for all CartoDB accounts.

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You may have seen the unlimited update in your dashboard (or lack-thereof, as there is no longer a map view quota calculator). From now on you’ll notice a map view counter instead. See what we did there? Words of encouragement equal positive reinforcement vibes– and hopefully more press for your projects.

We see this account change as having a huge impact on students, non-profits, and small businesses, all eager to make popular maps but weary of being charged for their success. While we’ve paid special attention to the particular needs of these types of users with free account packages and start-up grants, we see this introduction of unlimited map views and the map view counter as an exciting opportunity to gear the CartoDB platform for optimal social media sharing performance.

Oh, did we mention journalists? One of our favorite communities can now ride the wave of user engagement without the stress of unpredictable billing. If you are a journalist thinking of using CartoDB, take a scroll through a selection of existing projects done with the platform already.

Ready, set, map! We hope to see your tweets keep up with your CartoDB counters. Here’s to no limits for all.

Happy mapping!