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Petrol App Refuels Consumer’s Wallets with Money Saving Location Intelligence

Solid GEAR solves drivers’ refueling conundrum– drive less but pay more at a nearby gas station or drive more but pay less at a distant station–with the new Petrol App.

Petrol App, an iOS application locating nearby gas stations that helps users save, is the first venture between CARTO and Solid GEAR drawing upon both companies expertise in Mobile SDK and mobility, respectively.

Solid GEAR developed an algorithm using geodata to calculate a user’s distance from fuel stations, gasoline prices, and the rate of fuel consumption by vehicle type to determine recommendations. CARTO’s Mobile SDK provided back-end support including a routing API that charts possible directions for users, online/offline mapping, daily data sync with Spain’s Ministry of Energy for up-to-date gasoline prices, and the capacity to visualize a dataset consisting of over 9,000 stations nationwide on one basemap.

Mobile apps exist for drivers looking to find cheap gas prices, but what sets Petrol App apart from competitors is its holistic understanding of saving. Our Mobile SDK enables Petrol App users to account for various factors while determining a destination that can save time, money, and energy. Petrol App also allows iOS users to

  • Compare gas prices region-by-region across Spain
  • Filter data of national gas stations to display by brand
  • Rank nearby stations according to distance, price of gasoline, travel cost to station, etc.

Solid GEAR, as a telecommunications start-up providing mobility software development and consultancy services, understands that the value of geodata is in crafting customized services. This ethos, in fact, resounds in the company’s business practice known as the “Solid GEAR Method,” a customer-centric listening practice. We’re thrilled that our Mobile SDK could help meet those needs in the form of the Petrol App, and we look forward to collaborating on geodata projects such as this to enhance user experiences.

Happy Mobile Mapping!

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