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Launching our New Individual Plan

Here at CARTO our vision is to enable every organization out there to solve spatial problems with the best data and analysis. We build our products with the belief that Location Intelligence shouldn’t just be limited to the giants of Silicon Valley, and for that we need to make our platform accessible to a variety of organizations - from Developers in small startups, to Data Scientists in large enterprise.

A Plan for Individual Developers and Data Scientists

While our Enterprise plans are tailored for teams and organizations, high-load usage, and enterprise scale and security, we recognize that individual contributors need a Location Intelligence solution tailored to their specific needs. It is for this reason that we’re excited to roll out our new Individual Plan, an option designed for Developers, Data Scientists, and Data Analysts who are eager to incorporate spatial data and analysis into their workflows.

With the launch of this plan, we are also offering a free 14-day trial so that users can experience CARTO’s tech stack firsthand before committing to a paid subscription. Unlike some of the cost-free options that are common in the world of SaaS, which provide access to only a portion of the desired functionality, the Individual Plan will allow full access to CARTO’s tech stack, supporting users as they follow the Location Intelligence Journey.

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What’s in the Box?

Individual Plans will allow users to use CARTO Builder, our web-based user-interface for intuitive Location Intelligence and data visualization, as well as CARTO Engine, which allows for vast customization in the creation of Location Intelligence applications. Users will be able to leverage CARTO.js and CARTO VL, our javascript libraries for visualization, Airship, our component library for application design, and CARTOframes, for integrating CARTO directly into Python workflows, such as Jupyter notebooks.

The Plan will also include API keys for individual users, the ability to use database connectors to integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox, ArcGIS, as well as basic email support from our world-class support team.

Users who sign up for a Individual Plan but whose needs exceed individual usage and implementation of CARTO can always connect with our team to upgrade to an Enterprise plan. Our team are more than happy to help our users grow and find solutions closely tailored to their organizational needs.

What about Students?

The launch of this new plan doesn’t change our support to students, professors, and academic researchers, so we are maintaining our academic institution accounts and student packs.

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