Save time and eat better with the NY Restaurant Week Map

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of Restaurant Week in New York City, and in order to commemorate its longevity, the dining celebration has been extended to a very un-weekly 20+ days, creating a somewhat good problem for New Yorkers to have.

Thirteen extra days of tastings from over three hundred restaurants boasting a menu that’s almost as robust, flavorful, and international as the city’s inhabitants themselves.

The question then however is, with busy schedules, and little enough time as is, how’s the average New Yorker to efficiency chose what to do with all this yummy variety. Where to go, when to go, and with whom to go with?

Enter the NYC Restaurants Week Map, built for just this purpose. Running on CartoDB, this fun app provides the restaurant reveler with a simple intuitive interface allowing him to identify those restaurants based on meal (this being lunch or dinner), vicinity, neighborhood, cuisine, and price.

NYC Restaurant Week Map


Simply hover over a location to get the restaurant’s relevant information, and if it suits the pallet, click through to reserve a table through at a participating eatery of your choice on the NYC Restaurant Week’s official channel.

Eat, drink, and be merry, compliments of Vizzuality.

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