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Smart Cities Evolution: Citizens Take the Lead

Smart Cities White paper

What are smart cities? A catchy phrase or a real movement for change, or something in-between? It is true that the challenges facing cities are real: aging infrastructure, rapid development, climate change, and populations growing at unprecedented rates. To keep pace, future cities must be more agile and inclusive. City agencies are looking to do more with less, and to do it more efficiently. Cities have become testing grounds for tech innovation, and increasingly citizens are leading the process or collaborating directly with city agencies.

Citizen-driven initiatives are emerging in the forefront of smart cities planning and development. As a smart cities leader, CartoDB empowers citizens and governments—from biking and housing apps to risk platforms and custom city dashboards. See why CartoDB is a smart cities leader powering intelligent cities around the world, including New York City, Barcelona, London, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and Melbourne.

To learn more about smart cities current and future best practices download our Smart Cities white paper: Urban Insights: an Analysis of the Future of our Cities and Technology

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The Smart Cities Expo World Congress begins in Barcelona on the 17th of November. We hope we’ll see you there—CartoDB is sharing a booth with New York City, highlighting our work with the Mayor’s Office for City Dashboards and other New York City departments along with other innovators like Bandwagon, and NY Tech Meetup NYTM.

As if that wasn’t enough of a draw, CartoDB’s Smart Cities experts Santiago Giraldo and Miquel Nieto will also be on hand, giving talks and demonstrations.

Happy data mapping!

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Eva Cabanach

Eva earned a degree in advertising and PR in Madrid. She then moved to London, where she received a diploma in digital marketing and spent four years working at multinational corporations. She became member of the CARTO team in 2015.
She enjoys reading, shopping, and finding the best spots to enjoy good food.

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