Introducing CartoDB Startup Grants

Like many of you know, building a startup is hard work. The CartoDB team is a product of this energy. Growing from a group of programmer friends with a desire to build technology for better communication–and to ultimately change the world–has taught us about what it takes to be successful innovators. Step one, obviously, is to believe in your mission. Step two is to make others believe.

So, you have step one on lock? Excellent. Step two is where we come in. CartoDB brings design and interaction to the forefront of every project because online communication starts with the very first look. Today we are officially launching our Startup Grant initiative. Through this initiative, we will fund interesting and promising startups working on exciting projects that are at the early stages of growth.

Take LocalData–a web-based mapping tool that enables street-level data collection and analysis in real-time.


LocalData co-founders Matt, Alicia, and Prashant believe in the exciting and disruptive idea that communities need to be empowered to design their own cities. They are mobilizing urban residents, planners, and organizations to source and share information about the infrastructure of where they live, putting CartoDB’s own open-access ethos into practice. Everyone can be an expert. That is an idea we love to get behind!

If you think your startup could benefit from the CartoDB Editor, Platform, and Services, then apply for a CartoDB Startup Grant. As CartoDB continues to grow, we are excited about collaborating with other like-minded teams who will use our platform to do what they do best. We look forward to being inspired!

As a side note, LocalData is also doing some nice work to clean and curate open data. You can access this data on their CartoDB landing page

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