Such a busy season: hackathons, hacks, and meetups


Over the past few months we have been involved in some great events going on around the community. For hackathons alone, we have have been involved in the title=”datadive” target=”_blank”>DataKind DataDive</a>, HackNY, Princeton Hack, Hack Film, Tow Center Mapathon, EcoHack, and SanHack. That’s not it, over this past weekend we were simultaneously an API partner at the NYTimes Hackday event and giving presentations at WhereCamp in Berlin. We have to say, we really love hackathons because we get to see many of our favorite faces from the community come together to invent and improve all sorts of incredible projects.

We are actually part of a small team that puts together the EcoHack hackathon here in New York City. If you haven’t heard of EcoHack, it is a hackathon to bring environmental scientists together with developers, designers, engineers, writers, and anybody interested in solving real challenges going on in science and conservation. This year we had 190 people sign-up and who knows how many cycle through during the 2 day event! EcoHack had about 10 different teams working like crazy to develop projects that make a better world. A couple of highlights include,

  • A makeover for []
  • Numerous visualizations of insects, including collection through time
  • Special guest [hacks from #BikeNYC]
  • Microbe [sampling hacking]
  • many, many others.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the group of people involved and it is always exciting to meet the people out there really passionate about the world around them.


Even outside of hackathons and work here at CartoDB, we get wrapped up in exciting ideas all the time actually. It seems like someone on our team is always tweeting about some new project or other that they hacked together over the weekend. Maybe you caught the recent compilation of Rolling Stones’ tours through the decades visualized with CartoDB.

<img alt=”Rolling Stones Tour on CartoDB” height=”461” src= width=”536”/>

We have another really fun one coming for you on Friday, so stay tuned!


There are so many people in the community constantly making cool things all the time. We find one of the best ways to find out about them is by being involved in community meetup groups. We help organize the NYC GIS meetup here in the city. We just had our meeting on Monday and it was great! We got to show off some of our favorite new features in CartoDB 2.0. We also heard about what John Keefe and his team have been up to with their maps over at WNYC.

There is another meetup coming up on Friday, Geoinquietos. It is the first title=”Geoinquietos” target=”_blank”>Geo meetup in Madrid, Spain and we’ll be hosting it in our office, so if you are interested in hearing what other people in the area are working on, come on by!

Whew, crazy couple months right? No matter, the CartoDB team has been really grateful to you all for involving us in so many cool projects. Keep ‘em coming, and if you’re working on something you’d like to share, send it to

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