Mapping Superbowl XLIX

Superbowl maps by vizzuality and Google Trends

In case you were trapped on a moutain, in a blizzard so thick you couldn’t see your hands in front of your face, and just got back to civilization this morning, let us say the Superbowl happened last night. The team from the East Coast beat the team from the West Coast in a game where many fans held their breath until only 10 seconds were left.

If you love football, or if you don’t love football but you love maps, we want to show you a couple of maps that use CartoDB to show us some neat things about the Superbowl last night.


In the first map, <spanclass=”i-xxs icons-link-twitter”></i>Simon Rogers assembled all the tweets from across the web and across the globe sent during the game. Using Torque he shows how different moments in the game change the patterns of conversation. One thing you might notice from this map is that the only thing that could get Seattle to stop talking about themselves was the half-time show.

##Google Trends

The second map - Google shows us their data for the most searched teams on the web. You can see from the geographic breakdown of how people align with their favorite teams. Vizzuality built the map using CartoDB’s SQL API to create GeoJSON for client-side mapping. The results are beautiful.

##Trending maps

We love seeing these awesome maps happening, keep them coming!

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