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Vizonomy's Resiliency 2.0 Empowers Cities to Mitigate Climate Change

Vizonomy and CartoDB

After COP21, it is expected that more and more cities will work towards implementing a solution to climate changes that have adverse affects on infrastructure and populations.

A CartoDB partner, Vizonomy, created a risk platform analysis dashboard, using open government data - for this specific reason. The dashboard allows communities and businesses to see infrastructure and populations vulnerable to a rise in sea level and flooding.

Now governments and cities can visualize exposure to threats such as flooding, fire, and other natural disasters to determine high-risk areas. Vizonomy helps create city plans and programs that are resilient and responsive for a more sustainable future.

Discover how Vizonomy used CartoDB to create a dashboard that assess climate risk and improves municipal response times:

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Local resiliency officers or urban planners can run customized analysis using federal standards at the building, neighborhood, or city level. The CartoDB-based platform uses the most up-to-date datasets available from the government: FEMA floodplains and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data along with more than 70 other data layers representing buildings, schools, populations and more—through an automatic sync of updated information in the cloud.

What a great way to usher in change for 2016!

Happy data mapping!

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