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Introducing Denis Kurilov to the CartoDB Family!

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We’re excited to introduce our newest addition to our technical team, Denis! Denis comes from Yandex Maps, where he was the head of R&D of Maps and is an expert on Geospatial Systems.

Denis is joining us as the Head of Advanced Analytics. He brings with him all his experience with geospatial distributed systems to enable CartoDB to analyze and visualize much more complex data.

In the last few months we have been improving our platform for better and faster performance. We pushed a new geometry standard to improve rendering speed, which is now available thanks to the extraordinary Mapnik contributors work. We improved our cache system - with all new users in CartoDB running on top of Postgres 9.5, in addition to: vector rendering, automatic overview generation for big datasets, and many more small improvements in relability and performance to our infrastructure.

We also worked on some new technology to filter and render hundreds of millions of points on a map, which allowed us to jump two orders of magnitude in what CartoDB can do out of the box. Who said Postgres couldn’t handle that amount of data points?

One of our objectives in technology is to be able to analyze and render faster without any constraints to the user. That’s the real challenge - being able to render fast and at the same time remain dynamic, this is where CartoDB is most unique.

We are looking forward to adding Denis’ unique perspectives to our amazing team.

Welcome Denis!

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