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Ambassadors are CARTO super-users, talented developers and citizen cartographers, who create Location intelligence applications in the open with a purpose. They consistently build creative and captivating CARTO maps, and reap the benefits of some pretty cool perks.

  • The Ambassador Account

    Extra storage, API keys, real time data, Location Data Services and priority access to cutting edge, beta features of the platform.

  • Your community, our support

    Events and workshops you organize will have priority for sponsorship and resources. Present your CARTO projects at conferences and we’ll cover event fees.

  • Maximize exposure

    Showcase your work on CARTO’s social media, blog, and special events when applicable. Connect with our teams and communities and join a global network of like-minded peers.

Accounts for Research and Education

Whether you’re earning your degree or researching the future of data, join our community program and answer questions that will shape your industry and career.

  • Student and Educator Accounts

    We’ve partnered with the Github to provide every student and educator with automatic free upgrades to tackle even the most complex data problems.

    Github Student Developer Pack
  • Research and Educator Accounts

    Working on industry or theory-shattering research? Our non-commercial research project accounts have you covered with analysis and resources to solve tomorrow’s problems today.


Looking for something else?

CARTO community programs are for limited non-commercial use by qualifying applicants. Learn how Location Intelligence drives business outcomes with CARTO Enterprise.

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CARTO Ambassadors and researchers are the most active members of our mapping, data science, and developer communities. To qualify, you must be an individual working on non-commercial projects and having a considerable impact in your community.

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