• 1Synchronize tables or SQL queries
  • 2Update on defined intervals
  • 3Large amounts of spatial data
  • 4Create intuitive dashboards
  • 5Work with Python
  • 6Build geospatial apps
  • 7Core premium location data
Synchronize tables or SQL queries

1. Synchronize tables or SQL queries


You only need to enter a SQL query from BigQuery to connect your data and make it available on the CARTO platform.

Update on defined intervals

2. Update on defined intervals


Extract data or set up sync intervals so you always have the most updated data in CARTO.

Large amounts of spatial data

3. Large amounts of spatial data


With CARTO technology you are not limited to visualizing a subset of the data, you can visualize it all.

Create intuitive dashboards

4. Create intuitive dashboards


Make maps in minutes using CARTO Builder and BigQuery data and then share them online.

Work with Python

5. Work with Python


By using CARTOframes you can explore the data in BigQuery from Python Notebooks and perform spatial data science.

Build geospatial apps

6. Build geospatial apps


Analyze large spatial datasets in BigQuery and then use CARTO to build apps that extract insights from that data.

Core premium location data

7. Core premium location data


Using CARTO’s Data Observatory you can get access to all the data you need to perform spatial analysis.

Power your spatial analytics

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  • Visualize

    Drag & drop dashboards

    Quickly create easy-to-share map dashboards

    Drag & drop dashboards

    Use our web tool to visualize your BigQuery data and analysis, showing key relationships and uncovering insights. You can easily create lightweight, intuitive dashboards and then share them across your organization.

  • Analyze

    Jupyter notebooks

    Perform spatial data science analysis

    Jupyter notebooks

    Bring spatial data and analysis into your Data Science environment, visualizing your BigQuery datasets straight out of Jupyter notebooks with CARTOframes, our Python library.

  • Build

    Spatial applications

    Turn your BigQuery data into actionable insights.

    Spatial applications

    Develop and build your own custom applications with a full suite of frontend libraries, or work with our Professional Services team to create something unique from scratch—from developing a complete pipeline with your BigQuery warehouse to delivering ready-to-use spatial apps and dashboards.

See how it works

Power your spatial analytics journey by connecting your data stored in Google BigQuery to your CARTO account with simple SQL query.

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