• 1Share maps via public URL
  • 2Save maps to CARTO
  • 3Load maps from CARTO
  • 4Manage maps from CARTO
Share maps via public URL

1. Share maps via public URL


Create a public link to share your maps using CARTO's cloud storage.

Save maps to CARTO

2. Save maps to CARTO


Want to keep your maps private? Save them to your CARTO account.

Load maps from CARTO

3. Load maps from CARTO


Work seamlessly across platforms—once you've saved a map to CARTO you can easily load it back again to Kepler.gl.

Manage maps from CARTO

4. Manage maps from CARTO


Find maps created with Kepler.gl in your CARTO account and manage all your maps in one single place.

See how it works

Learn why CARTO + Kepler.gl is a winning combination. With our integration, you can save your maps created with Kepler.gl privately to CARTO and bring them back anytime.

Want to start using CARTO + Kepler.gl?