Chronic Geo Ben Dannenberg

“What industry is more ingrained in Location Intelligence than Cannabis? Manufacturers and distributors have always had unique location constraints and needs. The difference is now, those manufacturers and distributors are doing these transactions by the million. It is almost like having a Chronic Geo team within CARTO.”

Chronic Geo Ben Dannenberg

Ben Dannenberg,
Founder & CEO at Chronic Geo

  • icon The Client

    Chronic Geo

    Marketed to cannabis dispensaries, distributors, and manufacturers, Chronic Geo is a cannabis mapping environment. Delivered as a web-based application, it helps brands and dispensaries to better understand their unique landscape through Cannabis Intelligence, enriching their data with foot traffic, local demographics, and performance metrics to create actionable business outcomes.

  • icon The Challenge

    Taking advantage of data visualization

    During his time working in the cannabis industry, Chronic Geo founder, Ben Dannenberg noted that intelligence solutions that he came across often lacked insights based on location components. Working with CARTO closed this gap through the development of a visual tool, that assesses where sales are happening thanks to the integration of modern data streams such as local demographics, financial data, or mobility and footfall data, among others.

  • icon Results

    A substantial saving of time and money

    Leveraging a CARTO built solution and the metrics from our Data Observatory, Chronic Geo can now toggle between different geographies, products, and activities. Being able to filter across various products and locations, creating an ROI calculator and, essentially, automating the analyst position. In its simplest form, this boils down to save significant time and money and, most importantly, make this process more repeatable.

  • icon Why CARTO?

    A far more effective spatial optimization

    Using CARTO’s platform as the central data & analytics hub has allowed Chronic Geo to integrate a one-stop-shop for cannabis brands & dispensaries to track their performance in an accessible spatial environment.

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