Jozef Sorocin

“Migrating to CARTO’s cloud-native Location Intelligence platform was, without doubt, the right choice for us. The enhanced analytical capabilities of CARTO have opened up our business to new possibilities for more advanced spatial use cases. More than 700 active users of our tools can now work more efficiently to deliver faster and more accurate services themselves.”

Jozef Sorocin

Jozef Sorocin,
Special Projects at g-Xperts GmbH

  • icon The Client


    G-Xperts, based in Vienna, are leaders in the development of geo-applications and powerful cloud solutions. As a Google Maps Platform Partner, Google Business Profile Featured Partner, and CARTO Preferred Partner, g-Xperts combine world-class technology with unrivaled service to keep thousands of business records up to date for their customers.

  • icon The Challenge

    Scaling a sophisticated risk exposure application

    In response to a critical customer requirement, g-Xperts were commissioned to develop a sophisticated risk exposure application for a leading european insurance company. As the number of data inputs, usage, and complexity grew, the legacy version of this risk assessment tool became more complex to manage.

  • icon Results

    Faster & more efficient spatial analysis and flexibility to suit the most complex spatial analytics use cases

    With the cloud-native CARTO platform, g-Xperts has access to a scalable system that can query terabytes of data in seconds. G-Xperts is also able to unlock a suite of user defined functions (UDFs) such as methods for data transformations, enrichment, spatial indexing in Quadkey and H3, statistics, clustering, and more, natively within their data warehouse environment.

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  • icon Why CARTO?

    Scalable and cloud-native approach

    CARTO, as a cloud-native platform running directly on Google BigQuery, gives g-Xperts the security and scalability needed to take their customers’ spatial data analytics to the next level. Thanks to this new approach, g-Xperts can offer their insurance customer a solution that avoids complex ETL processes and guarantees optimal performance.

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