Maxence Affre - Technical Director at

With operations spanning such a large geographical area, CARTO’s ability to handle big data is absolutely crucial for

Maxence Affre - Technical Director at

Maxence Affre,
Technical Director at

  • icon The Client’s mission is to drive sustainability through transforming waste into energy, as well as bringing economic, air quality, and waste reduction benefits to smallholder farmers around the world. They produce and install biodigesters, a solution that turns animal manure into fertilizer and biogas, an infinitely more sustainable - and circular - process than burning the alternatives: charcoal, firewood or Liquid Petroleum Gas - LPG.

  • icon The Challenge

    Supporting & enhancing field operations at scale is a global company that operates on a hyper-local level. They needed to visualize all existing and pending biodigester installations, and understand where they have a strong market presence so they can optimize the activities of their field staff. It was also crucial that they find a Location Intelligence platform that would integrate with Salesforce, where most of their processes and operations are managed.

  • icon Results

    Seamless Integration, Wide-ranging visualizations & field operations optimization

    With CARTO, was able to bring Location Intelligence directly into Salesforce to create visualizations that encompassed their entire field of operations on a global scale, including all of their sales, credit, installation, and training programs.

    Working with intuitive map interfaces was critical for as they are now able to make faster decisions to prioritize site visits and optimize quality audit processes. CARTO’s robust platform also allows to identify and quantify hotspots of potential customers and enables them to target marketing and sales activities to positively impact more farmers.

  • icon Why CARTO?

    Connectivity & Scalability

    With CARTO, is able to prioritize their services and provide higher quality training, installation, and support to their customers.

    CARTO’s distinctive capabilities, connectivity, and visualizations, empower to further explore how they can grow their activities and benefit more farmers around the world. Through CARTO’s Spatial Data Catalog, can access over 11,000 datasets that are of great benefit to their mission - particularly human mobility and demographics datasets as these can be used to identify locations with a large number of target customers.

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