Integrate interactive maps and location data into your web applications and websites.

This library is still under support but it will not be further developed. We don’t recommend starting new projects with it as it will eventually become deprecated. Instead, learn more about our current CARTO for library here

cartodb.js metrics

these are the metrics collected by cartodb.js. Can be printed in the browser opening a console and executing


layergroup stats

  • cartodb-js.layergroup.[type].time: type can be get or post, depending on how the layergroup was fetch. It contains the time taken to fetch layergroup (including network time)
  • cartodb-js.layergroup.[type].error: number of errors when fetching layergroup cartodb-js.layergroup.attributes.time: time to fetch attributes (for example when an infowindow is open) cartodb-js.layergroup.attributes.error: fetching errors cartodb-js.named_map.attributes.time: same than layergroup.attributes but for named maps cartodb-js.named_map.attributes.error: fetching errors

tiles stats

  • cartodb-js.tile.png.load.time: time taken to load a png tile
  • cartodb-js.tile.png.error: number of errors loading a png tile


  • torque.provider.windshaft.points: number of points per tile
  • torque.provider.windshaft.process_time: time used to process a tile. It does NOT include fetch time
  • torque.provider.windshaft.tile.fetch: time to fetch a torque tile
  • torque.provider.windshaft.tile.error: failed tiles
  • torque.provider.windshaft.layergroup.time: time to instanciate the map for torque tiles
  • torque.provider.windshaft.layergroup.error:
  • torque.renderer.point.generateSprite: time taken to generate a sprite based on css and point properties
  • torque.renderer.point.renderLayers: time to render all the layers for a tile
  • torque.renderer.point.renderTile: time to render a tile