A Python package for integrating CARTO maps, analysis, and data services into data science workflows.

This component is still under support but it will not be further developed. We don’t recommend starting new projects with it as it will eventually become deprecated. Instead, learn more about our new Python packages here.


Use these guides to learn about integrating CARTOframes into your data science workflows. Working inside of a Jupyter Notebook, the guides walk you through installation, authentication, visualization, and all the data features provided in the library.

If you are looking for more detailed use cases, check our examples.


Install the library and set up your environment


Login into CARTO to unlock the power of spatial analysis


Complete a real project that walks through the library step by step

Data Management

Work with data both locally and with a CARTO account

Data Visualization

Explore and visualize your spatial data with interactive maps

Data Services

Geocode and discover areas of influence with Isolines

Data Observatory

Discover and enrich your data with the Data Observatory