June 6th, Madrid - Spain


Europe’s leading Location Intelligence summit

Discovery (#Discovery19) is the leading event in Europe to discuss all things spatial. Hundreds of thought leaders, innovators and Data Scientists from the global geospatial community will come together to discuss how location data is disrupting business, governments, and society.

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More than 200 innovators, practitioners, and thought leaders from the global geospatial community gathered to discuss how location data is disrupting business, governments, and society. Want to check out a session again?

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  • discovery-carto

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    Spatial Reinvented: Delivering Value for Business and Society

    Luis Sanz - CARTO

  • discovery-jll

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    The Rise of Tech Disruption in Real Estate

    Elena Rivas Ruzafa & Héctor Moreno Cervera - JLL

  • discovery-swissre

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    Mapping Risk with Impact

    Georgios Technitis - SwissRE

  • discovery-posterscope

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    Why Location Intelligence is one of the keys that will shape the future of Retail Marketing?

    Alberto García Martinez & Carlos Olmo Sánchez – Posterscope

  • discovery-tinsa

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    Golden Data powered by Location Intelligence in the Real Estate Sector

    Jorge Valero – Tinsa Digital

  • discovery-graphtext

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    Democratizing Data Science: Identifying The Best City In The World to Live In

    Ke Zhang - Graphext

  • discovery-carto-data

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    Fusing New Spatial Data Streams to Boost Business Performance

    Giulia Carella & Javier Pérez Trufero – CARTO

  • discovery-tomtom

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    Location Technology for a Moving World

    Giuseppe Noto - TomTom

  • discovery-renault

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    Geomarketing and Network Development in the Automotive Industry

    Frédéric Neumager - Renault

  • discovery-ing

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    Towards Useful Brands: Why Your Bank Should Help You to Choose Your Neighbourhood

    Iván Fanego - ING

  • discovery-geograma

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    Place Matters

    Vincente de la Cruz - Geograma

  • discovery-edp

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    Big Data: From Insight to Action in Utilities

    Carlos Menendez - EDP

  • discovery-geographica

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    Spatial Data Science: The Story Behind Your Maps

    Paula Julia - Geographica

  • discovery-vodafone

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    Big Data & Smart Business: Data Analytics to Optimize Your Business Decisions

    Raffaele Gricinella - Vodafone

  • discovery-carto-li

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    Location Intelligence in the era of Advanced Analytics

    Javier de la Torre - CARTO

  • discovery-workshop

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    [Technical Seminar] Unleash the Power of Vector Mapping in your Notebooks

    Elena Torro - CARTO

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More Speakers Coming Soon! Stay tuned on our social media channels for more exciting announcements about Discovery 2019 and our incredible speaker line-up

  • Luis Sanz

    CEO at CARTO

    Luis Sanz

    Luis has over 10 years of B2B SaaS experience in the technology startup space. He previously co-founded Olapic, where he served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technical Officer. His leadership helped advance the company’s growth strategy, scaling it from a start up to a market leader in the Marketing Tech industry.

  • Alberto García Martinez

    Chief Strategy Officer at Posterscope

    Alberto García Martinez

    Alberto Garcia is the Chief Strategy Officer in Posterscope Iberia, where he leads the product development, the digital transformation and the strategic consultancy teams.

  • Georgios Technitis

    Head of Geo Data Modelling at SwissRE

    Georgios Technitis

    Georgios is a fired up geo-scientist, who brings geo-context in everything he touches. SwissRE found him surfing @Spatial Center at UC Santa Barbara, and ever since he deals daily with the development of a wide spectrum of geospatial solutions; from parametric insurance triggers to the expected crop-yield calculation and from wildfire modeling, to the design of a full-fledged, bespoke geo-platform.

  • Carlos Menendez

    Chief of Business Intelligence & Big Data at EDP

    Carlos Menendez

    Carlos is the leader of business intelligence & big data at EDP Spain. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Oviedo and is the leader of the community of Analytics & Big Data &Artificial Intelligence community of EDP.

  • Raffaele Gricinella

    Strategic B2B Marketing Director at Vodafone

    Raffaele Gricinella

    Raffaele is an expert in Customer Value Management, Strategic Marketing and Big Data for Private and Public Sector after years of experience in leadership roles in the CRM, CVM and Marketing areas of global Telcos.

  • Paula Juliá

    COO at Geographica

    Paula Juliá

    After 10 years working in the Location Intelligence sector, Paula is COO at Geographica, playing a key part in engaging enterprise clients with spatial data-based solutions that answer their most relevant business questions.

  • Jorge Valero

    Director of Tinsa Digital

    Jorge Valero

    Jorge worked in various television companies and media before starting in the Canal Online department at Tinsa in 2014. The driving force behind the digitalization process at Tinsa (e-commerce, sales management and client services), he has been the director of Tinsa Digital since 2018.

  • Elena Rivas Ruzafa

    Head of Data Science at JLL

    Elena Rivas Ruzafa

  • Carlos Olmo Sánchez

    Head of Data & Products at Posterscope

    Carlos Olmo Sánchez

    Carlos is Computer Engineer, Bachelor of Market research, Master in Digital Marketing and Master in Commercial Management and Marketing. At Posterscope he is developing a geolocated data DMP that helps us to identify geolocated audiences and plan multichannel campaigns based on location more accurately and efficiently.

  • Giulia Carella

    Spatial Data Scientist at CARTO

    Giulia Carella

    Giulia holds a PhD in Statistical climatology from the University of Southampton (UK) and previously she worked as a researcher at the Le Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement (FR).

  • Vicente de la Cruz

    Licensing Manager at Geograma

    Vicente de la Cruz

    Technical Engineer in Topography, with a focus on the portable navigation market and GIS industry, with a long International experience dealing largest customers of geospatial software industry. Currently, responsible of the Geospatial Licensing unit in Geograma, in charge of the distribution of CARTO product portfolio and its related services.

  • Iván Fanego

    Social Media & Branded Content Strategist at ING Spain

    Iván Fanego

    He studied Economics and has been working in Innovation, Marketing, Content Strategy and Digital Transformation roles for the last 10 years. Before joining ING, he worked as Senior Digital Strategist for Good Rebels.

  • Elena Torró

    Front-End Engineer at CARTO

    Elena Torró

    Elena works as a Software Developer in the Front End team at CARTO, where she has been developing CARTO VL and CARTOFrames libraries, among others. She is an active member of the Geoinquietos and GeoChicas communities.

  • Javier Pérez Trufero

    Head of Data at CARTO

    Javier Pérez Trufero

    Javier is CARTO's Head of Data, running the company strategy with respect to our third party data offering and data science activities. Javier's responsibilities at CARTO go from establishing and coordinating new alliances with top-class data providers such as Vodafone and Mastercard to contributing to the definition of CARTO's data products and data science projects.

  • Ke Zhang

    COO at Graphext

    Ke Zhang

    Ke is the COO of Graphext, a Data Science software company based in Madrid. Prior to that, she was the General Manager of Thomson Reuters´ Pharma and Med Tech business in London. Ke has over 15 years of experience in the business analytics industry. She holds an Engineering Science degree from University of Toronto and an MBA from INSEAD.

  • Javier de la Torre

    CSO at CARTO

    Javier de la Torre

    Javier founded CARTO with a vision to democratize data visualization. Under his leadership, CARTO has grown from a groundbreaking idea into one of the fastest growing geospatial companies in the world

  • Héctor Moreno Cervera

    WebApp engineer at JLL

    Héctor Moreno Cervera

    Hector is a fullstack web application developer focused on frontend technologies and User Experience. Now he works hand in hand with business teams in developing technologic solutions through the web.

  • Frédéric Neumager

    Dealer Network Development Manager at Renault SAS

    Frédéric Neumager

    Frédéric is in charge of Renault Corporate Geomarketing Tool (project development, maintenance, evolutions) deployed in 38 countries.

  • Giuseppe Noto

    Strategic Sales Manager at TomTom

    Giuseppe Noto

    Giuseppe is Strategic Sales Manager at TomTom Enterprise, who develops strategic partnerships that help business around the world to create the most innovative, location-aware technologies.

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